About the Owner

About the Owner:

Captain Michael Bousaleh is the Proprietor of Ave Maria Remodeling, and is a Registered Home Improvement Contractor (MA HIC Registration #140771). Captain Bousaleh and his family have been residents of the Town of Braintree, Massachusetts, for many years. A man of many interests and skills, he is a former ASE Certified Automotive Mechanic, and was also a former longtime owner of a familiar Braintree gas station and service shop. Michael Bousaleh is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Sea Captain, and the name of his beloved boat is the Ave Maria, which he pilots through the waters of Boston Harbor and beyond.

Captain Bousaleh believes in a "hands-on" approach to his work, meeting with his customers personally and preparing all estimates himself. As a person who believes in direct contact, he is never further away than a call to his cell phone or an Email to his website.


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