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We are experts at window installation, and have a great deal of experience selecting and working with the numerous types of windows and brands that are available. As a result, we can help you to choose the best kind of window, ranging from those that are most practical and economically-priced to those that are high-end and elegant. Our per-window fee for installation is unbeatably priced.

We even install windows that you have purchased for an unimaginably-low, per-window installation fee.


We offer a great variety of different brands of windows. To name a few, we would list Harvey, Paradigm, Mastic, Anderson and Serenity. We will bring actual window samples to our meeting with you, and will go the advantages and efficiency of double-paned, thermal windows, and gas-filled windows, and security features of each type. As always, we spend a great deal of time discussing with you the benefits and costs of each of the brands and materials, and help you to make your own informed decision about which is best for you. Of course, every window is custom-measured and custom-made for your house.

We will also happily and expertly install for you windows that you have purchased yourself at an unbelievably reasonable, per-window installation fee.


In almost all cases, we will come to your location within 24 hours of receiving your email or telephone call for a FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE. After conducting the site inspection, we follow up immediately with our clear, detailed, "plain language" written estimate. Usually, windows are custom-made items that must be ordered; most window companies deliver windows between 2 - 4 after the order is placed. Our installation commences immediately upon receipt of the windows, and installation is completed within 1 - 2 business days.

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