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Our prices are extremely competitive with regard to roofing jobs, and we encourage you, our customers, to obtain estimates from other roofing companies before you contact us so that you can see the vast difference between their prices and ours. Many contractors believe in greatly overpricing all of their jobs, in case they or their foremen make mistakes in estimating some of them, or in case there are cost overruns that they failed to anticipate. We keep our prices low because we are a small operation where each estimate is carefully prepared by the company owner, and all work is personally conducted or supervised by him. We plan at great length for our jobs and pay close attention to details, avoiding the need to overprice all of our jobs to cover overruns and errors in some of them.


Our roofing technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience. We use only top-of-the-line asphalt shingles, and we offer a wide variety of colored shingles to add to and to complement the beauty and décor of your home's exterior. We are also experts at flat roof work and at rubber roofing jobs. We spend a great deal of time discussing with you the benefits and costs of each of the brands and materials, and help you to make your own informed decision about which is best for you.
We will also introduce you samples of a wide variety of elegant and practical optional items such as gutters, downspouts, moldings, and trim-work options.
Although the expected life of a roof is generally 20 - 25 years, all of our roofing jobs come with a minimum 30 year warranty, and we also offer 50 year warranties of our roofing work as well.


In almost all cases, we will come to your location within 24 hours of receiving your email or telephone call for a FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE. After conducting site inspection, we follow up immediately with our clear, detailed, "plain language" written estimate. Work will be started within one week of your acceptance of our proposal. Usually, our roofing jobs are completed within three to five business days of job commencement.

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